Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hands On

Even though Albertine's Creations is dedicated to knitting at this point and I love knitting, I also love ceramics.

I've been taking a pottery class for about two and a half years. My teachers are so nice and knowledgable.

I highly recommend taking up pottery if you can no matter what your skill level.

These are some of the items I've created over the past couple of years. Class starts again next week and I am so excited for it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Story Behind the Cowls

As you may have noticed, cowl scarves have been popular for the last couple of years. As a poor law clerk I needed to find a fairly reasonably priced gift for my fashionable city friends around the holidays. I began making cowls and giving them to my friends as holiday gifts. Their friends saw the cowls and wanted one of their very own and Albertine's Creations was born. I also have a lot of fun knitting and cannot possibly use all of the lovely items that I knit, so I am making them available for other people to love.

Although I've been a voyer and buyer on etsy for several years, I am still getting used to being a seller. I spent every spare moment I had over a two week time period reading all of the storque articles and blogs that I could to learn everything I could possibly learn about being a seller before becoming a seller myself. I still have much to learn. As a part-time crafter, I intend to use this blog to chronicle the ups and downs of my shop and to track what works for me and what does not. I hope someone else can find this helpful some day!